ABC Family gets GLAAD’s best ever grade for including gay and lesbian characters


ABC Family members gets top rating in GLAAD survey of gays on TV

ABC Family members stands ahead of the course in a brand-new record checking out depictions of gay, lesbians and also transgender individuals on television.

In its 5th annual Network Duty Index, the advocacy group Gay as well as Lesbian Alliance Versus Libel (GLAAD) assessed the top quality and also amount of gay characters on the broadcast networks plus 10 wire networks from June 2010 throughout of Might.

The leading rating went to the Walt Disney Co.’s cable outlet ABC Family, which is targeted at audiences 14 to 34 and features several collection with gay personalities, consisting of “Pretty Little Liars” and also “Greek.” CW gained the most effective score amongst any type of broadcaster, thanks to openly gay characters on programs such as “90210” as well as “Gossip Woman.”

” We’re unbelievably proud to be acknowledged by GLAAD,” ABC Household Head of state Michael Riley said in an interview. “We intend to be sure we program in a relatable, authentic method.”

GLAAD provided stopping working qualities to cord outlets A&E and TBS.

abc family gay

The team pointed out that most of what really little gay inclusiveness A&E can claim originated from the fact that Ryan Buell, the host of “Paranormal State,” came out as bisexual.

” Usually addition of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual as well as transgender) personalities refers will,” claimed Herndon Graddick, elderly director of programs at GLAAD. “It’s really something we’re going to be resolving with both of those networks.”

Various other networks that have been failed by GLAAD in the past– consisting of CBS and also United States– have risen to “ample” in the new record. CBS’ dramatization “The Good Better half” includes a bisexual investigator played by Archie Panjabi, who won an Emmy for the function.

GLAAD representatives say that depictions of gays and lesbians on television shows is necessary since the medium assists form Americans’ assumptions. More than one-third of individuals who reported seeing gays much more favorably over the previous 5 years in a recent GLAAD survey stated that “seeing gay or lesbian personalities” on TV was a contributing variable.

The group additionally pointed to the tremendous purchasing power of gays as well as lesbians, approximated at $835 billion in 2011.

One location of concern for GLAAD: the continuing lack of transgender characters on tv. With a few exemptions– such as design Isis King on CW’s “America’s Following Leading Design”– transgender people are hardly ever seen in programming.

Graddick said that transgender representations on television are delaying twenty years behind those of gays and lesbians.

Gays on Television: CW, ABC Family members rack up leading marks; TBS, A&E ‘failing’

ABC Family as well as The CW obtained top marks for its inclusiveness of gay personalities in the most recent survey by GLAAD, while TBS and A&E attracted stopping working qualities.

Those are few of the findings in the Gay and Lesbian Partnership Versus Character assassination’s fifth yearly “network responsibility index” that tracks the quantity and also high quality of gay, lesbian as well as transgender functions on television. Among the broadcast networks, The CW once more appeared in first place, with CBS rated last. ABC Family members’s grade of “superb” was just the 2nd network in the survey’s background to ever receive such a category– of its 103 hrs of initial primetime programs, 55 percent consisted of LGBT “inclusive pictures,” on shows like Pretty Little Liars (envisioned) and also Greek. TBS as well as A&E, on the other hand, obtained failing grades for the 4th year straight. In general, networks have actually significantly enhanced the number of gay portrayals over the last few years.

Below’s just how program as well as cable connect with initial scripted shows stack up on GLAAD’s index:

4 little liars and a being called “A” (who might or may not be the 5th little phony) attempt to live their lives in Rosewood. It’s complicated.

‘Modern Family‘ Ending: Exactly How Cameron as well as Mitchell Forever Changed Gay Family Members on television

When “Modern Family” premiered in 2009, the mockumentary-style household sitcom was an instantaneous hit, one that would certainly forever alter the material of the television landscape. At the time, it appeared water cooler conversation of primetime television had actually gone the means of the radio, yet– much like that medium– it came barking back.

abc family gay

While Sofia Vergara’s Gloria waltzed her method right into the hearts of gay men and also lesbians for extremely different factors, it was Cameron as well as Mitchell’s caring partnership that made LGBTQ audiences feel truly seen and represented.

Played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson as well as Eric Stonestreet, seeing a caring (and bickering) gay couple on primetime was a revelation. Without minimizing the strides made by “Will as well as Grace,” “Modern Family members” was the very first time a significant network had actually revealed a long-term, dedicated queer partnership– and with two of its leading characters. That the show was funny, clever, as well as inclusive in various other methods was the cherry on the top.

ABC Family, the CW tops in gay comprehensive shows

The struck television show “Pretty Little Liars” aided ABC Family win an “excellent” score on Wednesday for its representation of gay, lesbian and transgender people on television, the U.S. media team GLAAD stated.

In its 5th annual record on the quantity and quality of gay pictures on TV, the Gay and also Lesbian Partnership Versus Vilification likewise named one more youth-oriented network– the CW– as the top program network in regards to LGBT inclusiveness.

Cable television channels A&E and also TBS obtained failing ratings for the fourth year in a row, with only five percent of their initial primetime programing in the 2010-11 season including characters or scenarios that were reasonable and also precise portrayals of gays, lesbians, bisexual as well as transgender individuals, the GLAAD report claimed.

On ABC Family members, by contrast, 55 percent of original prime-time television programing had LGBT inclusive photos as well as some gay as well as lesbian characters also originated from racial and ethnic groups.

” Programs like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Greek’ have woven gay, lesbian, and bisexual personalities into their stories in such a way that mirrors the diversity of our area as well as the experiences of more youthful generations,” stated Herndon Graddick, senior supervisor of programs at GLAAD.

” Visitors anticipate to see tv atmospheres that properly mirror what it’s like to be a young person, as well as today that consists of young adults that happen to be gay,” Graddick included.

On the CW, reveals like “America’s Next Top Model” with flamboyant runway fitness instructor Miss J Alexander, as well as teenager drama “90210” which features a number of LGBT personalities, assisted the network to scratch up 33 percent of inclusive programing.

Fox came 2nd amongst the leading U.S. networks, many thanks largely to gay good friends Kurt and also Blaine in musical “Joy”, and also lesbian character Santana.

CBS– the most-watched U.S. network– was in last location with just 10 percent of LGBT-inclusive hrs but the network elevated its ranking to “ample” from “failing”. That was partly because of bisexual character Kalinda Sharma on “The Excellent Partner” and also the introduction a gay bro for Julianna Margulies’ lead legal representative role.

GLAAD said the one location where all networks remain to battle is in the representation of the transgender area. It said there were no regular or reoccuring personalities on any networks kept track of in this year’s record.

Nervous Variations: The Representation of Gay Parenting on Modern Family and The New Normal as well as the Administration of Social Stress and anxiety

On popular tv, parenting stories have actually become a leading representational paradigm in depicting lesbian, gay, bisexual, as well as transgender (LGBT) subjectivities as “normal.” Nonetheless, I say that the work of normalization in television programs additionally operates numbers as well as relationships connected to gay moms and dads. I determine this additional procedure as “nervous displacement” in which figures as well as connections flowing around gay parents are strained with adversely ordered social distinctions as well as symbolic excesses. This research checks out the cultural job of distressed variation in Modern Family and also The New Typical by interrogating exactly how racial extra, cultural resources, queerness, and also the extreme are displaced onto characters in the gay parents’ prompt globe.

abc family gay

Ultimately, nervous displacement instantiates gay parenting as culturally intelligible as well as reputable, as well as in doing so, replicates potential normative liabilities by reinscribing power structures of personhood. At the exact same time, distressed displacement confirms gay parenting, threatens homophobia, and also verifies gay maleness.

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ABC Household Covers GLAAD’s Gay Configuring Listing

GLAAD has launched its 5th yearly Network Responsibility Index as well as not much has transformed from years past; with one noteworthy exemption. ABC Family members signs up with MTV as the only various other network to earn an Outstanding rating for its programming. It simply goes to show that any kind of network can progress.

ABC Family members has its roots as a part of the Rub Robertson Christian Broadcasting Network; I don’t need to tell you that Pat Robertson is not precisely a gay-friendly type of guy. Disney acquired the network in 2001, but as component of the agreement the network continues to be obligated to air Robertson’s The 700 Club That doesn’t appear to have actually quit ABC Family members from producing programs that include gay as well as lesbian personalities as well as portraying them relatively and as multi-dimensional characters. According to GLAAD, ABC Household consists of images and representations of gay and also lesbian personalities in 55 percent of its 103 hrs of programming. Shows like Pretty Little Liars, Greek, The Secret Life of the American Teenager as well as Make it or Break It are all amongst the series’ admired for their addition as well as portrayal of gay and lesbian characters on ABC Household.

According to GLAAD, tv still requires to raise its representation of transgendered people, as well as actually needs to lay off the gay males; 73 percent of portrayals feature gay men. I’m impressed Showtime didn’t tip the balance with The Actual L Word alone.

Amongst broadcast networks, the CW made the top place, with 33 percent of its programs hours portraying gay as well as lesbian personalities. CBS continues to be in the lower place with 10 percent.

abc family gay

You can look into the full report from GLAAD right here.

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Draft of Cuba’s new family members code opens door for gay marriage

Cuba has launched the draft of a brand-new family members code that would enable same-sex pairs to marry as well as adopt in addition to provide children better engagement in choices that affect them

HAVANA, Cuba– The draft of a new family members code for Cuba released Wednesday proposes allowing same-sex couples to marry and embrace as well as providing children better involvement in choices that affect them.

The preliminary draft, which need to be authorized by Cuba’s parliament then most likely to a grassroots plebiscite, comes virtually three years after the island’s communist government pulled back from preserving gay marital relationship protections in its new constitution when faced with opposition.

Evangelical groups challenged the constitutional proposal to eliminate the summary of marital relationship as a union of a man and woman, and transform it to the union of “two individuals … with definitely equivalent legal rights and commitments.”

” We consider this variation to be regular with the constitutional text, and also develop as well as upgrade the different legal-family institutions in communication with the humanistic nature of our social procedure,” Justice Priest u00d3scar Silveira Martu00ednez stated in announcing the draft.

Evangelical groups, however, are expected to object to the modification in the family code draft.

Both Martu00ednez as well as Yamila Gonzu00e1lez Ferrer, vice president of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, stressed that the proposed family code is a lot wider than a consent of same-sex marriage.

” It protects all expressions of family members diversity as well as the right of everyone to establish a family in comprehensibility with the constitutional concepts of plurality, incorporation, and also human dignity,” Gonzu00e1lez claimed.

The draft, which has more than 480 articles, was drawn up by a group of 30 specialists as well as will be published on the Justice Ministry’s internet site to gather point of views. It will then go to lawmakers– likely in December– after that to a preferred mandate perhaps next year.

Cuba’s existing family members code days from 1975 and has actually been overtaken by brand-new household structures and social adjustments, lawful specialists say.

‘Modern Household’s’ Reid Ewing Casually Confirms He’s Gay

Not long after Modern Family members’s Reid Ewing revealed that he suffered from body dysmorphia as well as cosmetic surgery addiction in a blog post, the star is continuing to open concerning his personal life– he validated that he’s gay with an informal tweet.

Ewing, who’s best recognized for playing Dylan Marshall on Modern Family, took to Twitter to gaze over 20-year-old Eugene Bata, that showed up on Good Morning America throughout a section about body dysmorphia.

Saw Eugene Bata on @GMA in the Body Dysmorphia sector linked to my write-up and I simply wish to say he is warm af.

When one of his Twitter followers questioned whether he was coming out of the closet, the star just responded to:

To clarify his ideas, Ewing also followed up with one more tweet, with a classic GIF of Marilyn Monroe:

Eric Stonestreet Isn’t Gay– Not That There’s Anything Incorrect Keeping That

Stonestreet has won 2 Emmy Honors for Superior Supporting Star in a Funny Collection therefore.

Yet prior to the development duty, Stonestreet spent over a decade acting upon remarkable television programs like “Monk,” “CSI,” “Malcom between,” “Event of Five” and also “EMERGENCY ROOM.”

We had the chance to chat with Stonestreet lately about his new partnership with Swiffer, playing Web cam on “Modern Family” as well as fielding questions about Sofia Vergara.

” Yeah, it’s a respectable last name. When I was a kid, I used to obtain teased for it. And after that I became an actor as well as every person wanted to know if I made it up.”

” The Swiffer Result campaign is letting individuals recognize that functions are transforming in family members and also in respect to cleansing too. With the Swiffer Result, they’re attempting to obtain the word out that Swiffer is a lot more effective as well as extra enjoyable than the old dust pan and mop. So, they asked me to join my mama. Check out the viral video so people can see a little wit with their cleaning.”

” I guess you could claim that, but I don’t really take advantage of it like the majority of people would. You have to maintain a little an elegant family gay Yet yep, points altered as soon as I hopped on television.”

” It’s not that much of an offer due to the fact that I’m a star and also play all type of duties. The truth Web cam is gay does not have much to do with anything. I played bad guys on TV before, various other people before, so it’s a personality I get to play as well as never actually thought excessive concerning it.”

” When I’m doing media, that’s exactly how it typically goes. Yet she is a remarkable person, she’s a force. She’s an amazing woman.”

What is Rumble Kong Organization? Roar Kong League is an affordable 3 vs. 3 basketball …

Darien Rencher has made the absolute MOST of his possibility to play football for Clemson …

DeValon Whitcomb has been a leader considering that his days in senior high school at Omaha North …

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Exactly How ‘Modern Family‘ Assisted Modification Perceptions on Gay Pairs

Jesse Tyler Ferguson stars in ABC’s “Modern Family.” In September 2012, he as well as Justin Mikita started Celebrate a marriage, and also both wed in 2013.

I like the program so much. In the pilot, you’re fulfilling Mitch and Web cam when they’re coming to be daddies for the first time. And that’s the most fascinating thing about them; their gayness has to do with sixth on the checklist of their top qualities. They’re dads, they’re sons, they’re an attorney and a teacher– they’re additionally gay, however the series does not lead with that said. That was dynamic and bold, although it should not be. “Modern Family members” has ended up being a pop-culture example, a simple as well as secure way to subject target markets to various connections in a way that does not feel harmful.

Last season, having Mitch and Web cam obtain wed, however having Jay (Mitch’s father) not be okay with it– that was so smart. I was actually satisfied that in the 6th period, the writers might still do some thing that really felt stimulated as well as electric with these characters.

We understand from various other civil-rights movements, individuals’s attitudes do not transform over family gay There’s still a great deal of job to be carried out in terms of helping to alter perception. I believe the hardest job is with kids, to remind the next generation that we have to make certain every person is treated with regard as well as self-respect. I’m encouraged due to the fact that many children are currently like “What’s the big bargain?” It’s also essential to hear various other points of view, to speak with individuals who are not helpful. That revitalizes the conversation. My suggestions to anyone is persistence, understanding as well as a light touch. You obtain a whole lot better when you hear somebody’s point of views and talk about it.

It’s an enjoyable as well as eccentric method to support LGBT civil liberties. When we began in 2012, there were just seven states with marital relationship equality. Ever since, the ball has actually begun rolling much faster– though we’re not taking credit history for that! We like our collaboration with the Connection Bar (which sells the connections online), and also we want to continue. We’re elevating terrific money, and sort of changing our mission declaration. We’re attempting to progress into an LGBT outreach program as well as continue with civil family gay We wish to proceed supporting companies in the trenches, doing hard work. There’s constantly more work to be done.

ABC Family Members, the CW tops in gay comprehensive shows

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The struck television program “Pretty Little Liars” assisted ABC Household win an “superb” score on Wednesday for its representation of gay, lesbian as well as transgender people on tv, the united state media team GLAAD said.

In its fifth yearly record on the quantity and also quality of gay pictures on TV, the Gay as well as Lesbian Partnership Against Vilification likewise named one more youth-oriented channel– the CW– as the top program channel in regards to LGBT inclusiveness.

Cable television channels A&E and also TBS got stopping working rankings for the fourth year straight, with only five percent of their initial primetime programing in the 2010-11 season including characters or situations that were fair as well as exact representations of gays, lesbians, bisexual and also transgender individuals, the GLAAD record said.

On ABC Family members, by comparison, 55 percent of initial prime time programing had LGBT comprehensive images and some gay and also lesbian personalities also came from racial and also ethnic groups.

” Programs like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and also ‘Greek’ have woven gay, lesbian, as well as bisexual characters right into their tales in a way that mirrors the diversity of our community and also the experiences of younger generations,” said Herndon Graddick, senior director of programs at GLAAD.

” Visitors expect to see television atmospheres that accurately mirror what it resembles to be a young person, and also today that consists of young people that occur to be gay,” Graddick included.

On the CW, shows like “America’s Following Top Model” with flamboyant path instructor Miss J Alexander, and teen drama “90210” which includes numerous LGBT personalities, assisted the network to notch up 33 percent of comprehensive programing.

Fox came 2nd among the leading united state networks, thanks greatly to gay buddies Kurt as well as Blaine in musical “Joy”, and lesbian character Santana.

CBS– the most-watched U.S. network– was in last place with simply 10 percent of LGBT-inclusive hours however the network increased its score to “appropriate” from “stopping working”. That was partially due to bisexual personality Kalinda Sharma on “The Good Spouse” and also the intro of a gay brother for Julianna Margulies’s lead legal representative role.

GLAAD said the one location where all networks continue to struggle remains in the depiction of the transgender community. It claimed there were no routine or reoccuring characters on any networks monitored in this year’s report.

All quotes postponed a minimum of 15 mins. See below for a full listing of exchanges as well as delays.

Anti-gay team objections Jennifer Lopez series

Protesting The New Regular is so last summertime. Now anti-gay team One Million Moms is up in arms about a brand-new ABC Family reveal called The Fosters– despite the fact that the series concerned does not even have an IMDb page yet, let alone a finished pilot.

EW revealed in August that the cable television network had actually greenlit The Fosters, an hourlong dramatization exec created by Jennifer Lopez and created by Bradley Bredeweg and also Queer as People’s Peter Paige. The show will certainly focus on a multi-ethnic family headed by a lesbian pair. One Million Moms has actually called the program “anti-family,” uploading a contact us to arms on its website:

A best date has not been set, yet One Million Moms wanted to seem the alarm system concerning this brand-new series. It will be airing on the network soon unless we throw down the family gay They remain in the beginning stages.

ABC Family reported the comedy-drama pilot, working with the title The Fosters, is about two females elevating a “21st century,” multi-ethnic mix of foster as well as biological youngsters. While foster care and also adoption is a wonderful point as well as the Bible does show us to aid orphans, this program is attempting to redefine marriage and also family members by having two mamas increase these kids with each other. One Million Moms is not sure how the description will certainly be given on exactly how the biological kids were conceived. None of this product is acceptable content for a family program.

Hollywood is remaining to press a program that homosexuality serves when scripture specifies clearly it is a wrong. As Christians, the Bible likewise claims that we need to speak up against transgression. If we continue to be quiet after that we are guilty of transgression additionally.

The group after that prompts its advocates to email ABC Family members, informing the network that they will certainly not watch the show as well as “are prepared to join countless other voices in advising advertisers to place it on their ‘do not advertise’ list.”

One Million Moms has formerly concentrated its displeasure on NBC’s The New Regular, an Archie comic book including a gay wedding event, J.C. Penney (for employing Ellen DeGeneres as its agent), and Ben and also Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream. According to the team’s web site, its members are currently likewise furious concerning a Skittles commercial in which a teenage woman constructs with a walrus.

‘ Modern Household’ Is ‘Poisonous substance’ Because Of Its Portrayal Of Gay Relationships, Bryan Fischer States

Fischer, whose resistance to lesbian, gay, bisexual and also transgender (LGBT) civil liberties is reputable, banged the hit ABC collection in an interview with Idaho radio host Kevin Miller, Right Wing Watch initially reported.

” Modern Family,” Fischer said, is “developed to make you assume that same-sex homes are remarkable” and “the optimal nurturing environment for youngsters,” while showing heterosexual marriage as “chains, dreary,” as well as “bleak.”

Viewing the show, he included, was “like getting a little of toxin over an extended period of time, at some point getting adequate accumulation in there where it can be sort of dangerous to the microorganism.”

He then wrapped up, “People are simply viewing television to be delighted, not recognizing that their view of life is being twisted in a way that’s very dangerous to them and hazardous to our culture.”

The comments are maybe less surprising given Fischer’s history. Earlier this year, he revealed anger over the same-sex pairs who got married throughout Macklemore as well as Ryan Lewis’s efficiency of “Same Love,” including appearances by Queen Latifah as well as Madonna, on the 2014 Grammy Awards.

” If you care about children, this point should certainly appall you due to the fact that gay marital relationship is bad for children,” Fischer said. “As a matter of fact, same-sex parenting … is a kind of kid misuse.”

ABC Family, CW Are Most Gay-Inclusive Channels: GLADD Report

( Reuters) – The hit TV program “Pretty Little Liars” helped ABC Family win an “exceptional” rating on Wednesday for its representation of gay, lesbian and transgender individuals on tv, the U.S. media group GLAAD claimed.

In its fifth yearly report on the amount and also high quality of gay images on television, the Gay and also Lesbian Partnership Against Disparagement likewise called one more youth-oriented channel– the CW– as the top program channel in regards to LGBT inclusiveness.

Wire channels A&E and TBS received failing ratings for the fourth year in a row, with only five percent of their initial primetime programing in the 2010-11 period consisting of personalities or situations that were reasonable as well as accurate portrayals of gays, lesbians, bisexual as well as transgender people, the GLAAD record said.

On ABC Family members, by comparison, 55 percent of initial prime time programing had LGBT inclusive pictures and also some gay as well as lesbian personalities additionally originated from racial and ethnic groups.

” Programs like ‘Pretty Little Liars’ as well as ‘Greek’ have woven gay, lesbian, as well as bisexual characters into their tales in a manner that mirrors the variety of our area as well as the experiences of more youthful generations,” claimed Herndon Graddick, senior supervisor of programs at GLAAD.

” Visitors expect to see television settings that precisely reflect what it’s like to be a young adult, and today that consists of young adults that take place to be gay,” Graddick added.

On the CW, shows like “America’s Following Leading Version” with flamboyant path trainer Miss J Alexander, as well as teen drama “90210” which includes several LGBT characters, helped the network to scratch up 33 percent of inclusive programing.

Fox came second amongst the leading family gay networks, thanks greatly to gay close friends Kurt as well as Blaine in musical “Joy”, and lesbian character Santana.

CBS– the most-watched U.S. network– was in last place with simply 10 percent of LGBT-inclusive hours however the network raised its score to “adequate” from “failing”. That was partially as a result of bisexual character Kalinda Sharma on “The Great Wife” and also the intro a gay brother for Julianna Margulies’ lead attorney function.

GLAAD said the one area where all networks continue to battle remains in the depiction of the transgender area. It claimed there were no regular or reoccuring characters on any networks kept an eye on in this year’s record.

Gay Fostering: The Kids are All Right

Written by: Dr. Peggy Drexler– Writer, ‘Our Fathers, Ourselves. Children, Papas, and also the Changing American Household’

Do you appreciate Mitch as well as Cam (Modern Family) as depictions of gay parent?

They combat frequently and also are constantly taking on each other, their parenting is mainly fine yet I do not truly like their depiction of a gay partnership, the Dunphees( sp?) contend a whole lot too, yet there are more occasions of them interacting.

I such as the representation. There are stereotypes yet I am a stereotype in lots of means too.

It’s an infographic that checks out parenting lessons from imaginary characters! Mitch Web cam make a look! I’ve listened to plenty of blended responses in relation to exactly how they are represented! I am curious regarding what you all believe.

It’s just a shocking sitcom. I’ve never taken the characters on any comedy to be a “depiction” of anyone; they’re simply meant to be amusing personalities.

I have actually never heard any person recommend that Jay and also Gloria “stand for” all interracial pairs, or moms and dads. Have you?

I didn’t plan to indicate that they are the singular depiction of all gay parents, just one depiction. My question was in concerns to exactly how precisely as well as rather this specific gay couple is portrayed.

I do not watch the program much, however they seem a bit family gay That being claimed, it’s awesome to see them put in a positive light. Contrast them to Greg as well as Terry from American Father (like that program), who are strerotypical as well the max, despite the positive gay message episodes.

Research Study: ABC Household has most gay characters

LOS ANGELES (BP)– ABC Family members ended up being the 2nd network to obtain a superb score from a gay advocacy company for its favorable portrayal of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, according to a report released August 3.

The Gay as well as Lesbian Alliance Versus Disparagement (GLAAD) completed its fifth annual Network Duty Index– a report that qualities program and cord networks for the quantity and also high quality of homosexual characters and issues included in their programs.

ABC Family was given an exceptional score because over half of its programming consisted of gay characters or conversations about homosexuality. ABC Family had the highest percentage of hours– 55 percent– that included gays or referrals to them. In a year, the network’s homosexual content rose 18 percent.

The only other network to obtain an “exceptional” rating in the record’s history was MTV (2010 ). GLAAD assessed 5 broadcast and 10 cable television networks in this year’s record.

” Programs like Pretty Little Liars and Greek have actually woven gay, lesbian, as well as bisexual characters into their stories in a way that mirrors the variety of our area and the experiences of more youthful generations,” claimed Herndon Graddick, senior supervisor of programs at GLAAD. “Audiences expect to see television environments that precisely reflect what it resembles to be a young person, and today that includes young people who occur to be gay.”

GLAAD reviewed networks and scored them as outstanding, great, adequate or failing.Broadcast networks that got a “good” score were The CW (with 33 percent of its hours illustrating gay themes or characters), Fox (29) and also ABC (23 percent). Amongst the leading cord networks were Showtime (37 ), TNT (33 ), HBO (31 ), AMC (29) as well as Syfy (22 ).

” GLAAD has seen time after time just how photos of multidimensional gay and also transgender people on television have the power to change popular opinions,” GLAAD said in its record

Dwayne Hastings, a vice president at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and also Religious Liberty Compensation, concurred that television has formed the culture, yet not for the much better. Hastings said moms and dads need to infuse strong precepts as well as stand on biblical reality, which condemns homosexuality.

” For households who look for to comply with Christ as well as seriously endure their faith, there is nothing delighted in this report,” Hastings said. “Those that promote so-called homosexual civil liberties as well as lobby for same-sex rate of interests … have an effective ally with deep pockets in the entertainment industry that are greater than ready to utilize their media to recast the homosexual lifestyle as normative.”

He added, “Unfortunately, numerous Americans are willing to permit Hollywood to control their viewpoint on the world.”

Program programs with normal gay characters and also plot lines consisted of The CW’s “America’s Next Leading Version” and “90210” and ABC’s “Ugly Betty,” “Grey’s Makeup” and “Modern Family.” Fox even airs an animated program, “American Daddy,” that has gay themes in addition to its hit program “Joy,” which has five routine gay personalities.

Networks GLAAD graded “ample” consisted of CBS (10 ), NBC (15 ), FX (19) as well as U.S.A. (18 ). Just two networks fell short GLAAD’s requirements: A&E (5) and TBS (5 ).

Said Hastings, “The reality is that if we were to release the same sort of record that GLAAD has actually produced however instead concentrate on the presence of evangelical Christians on tv, it would be an extremely short report. However couple of are worried about the lack of precise, representation of Bible-believing characters on television or in the flicks.

” Whether we wish to confess or not, there is a well-financed and also comprehensive strategy at work to change Americans’ opinions on those that practice homosexual as well as lesbian family gay Given reports such as this one, we can inform it is a really effective plan.”– 30– Whitney Jones is a pupil at Union University in Jackson, Tenn., and a trainee with Baptist Press.

The Flash as well as Modern Household stars to lead gay rom-com motion picture

The Flash’s Keiynan Lonsdale and Modern Household’s Sarah Hyland are readied to star in upcoming LGBTQ enchanting funny My Phony Guy.

The pair will certainly also share the display with After We Clashed actor Dylan Sprouse, as the movie complies with a boy (Lonsdale) that designs himself a pretend companion on the guidance of his friend (Sprouse).

His friend’s thinking is that it’ll keep his ex-spouse out of his life and aid him carry on, however points get made complex when the previous drops head over heels as well as dumping his fake guy shows an apparently impossible job.

The L Word’s Rose Troche is on board to direct, while the script has been penned by Luke Albright, Joe Wanjai Ross and Greg Boaldin. BuzzFeed’s Reid is producing together with Jason Moring and Michael Philip.

” My Fake Guy is a fresh comedy with global charm, led by an interesting, varied actors of ability,: stated Richard Alan Reid, SVP of Global Content and also Head of Studio at BuzzFeed, as he introduced the project on Thursday, July 29.

” There is no much better person to inform this queer romance than Rose Troche, and we’re happy to companion with Lionsgate to share this story with millennial and also Gen Z audiences worldwide.”

Lonsdale’s various other credit scores include Dancing Academy and also Love, Simon, while Hyland has starred in titles such as Shadowhunters: The Temporal Instruments as well as Vampire Academy. Sprouse is perhaps best recognized for showing up opposite his double sibling, Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse, in Disney’s The Collection Life of Zack and also Cody back in the mid 2000s.

Modern Family‘s First Gay Kiss

Modern Family members ultimately aired a kiss between leading gay couple Mitchell and Cameron. See as the whole episode included near-miss smooches.

Modern Family lastly broadcast a kiss between leading gay pair Mitchell and also Cameron. Watch as the entire episode featured near-miss smooches.

THR Poll: ‘Glee’ and also ‘Modern Family‘ Drive Voters to Favor Gay Marriage– Even Several Romney Voters

Shows with gay personalities, like Joy, Modern Household, and also The New Typical, are helping drive voters to traditionally extraordinary support of gay marital relationship, an Oct. 29 THR poll carried out in conjunction with partner Penn Schoen Berland has actually found. Though gay TV likewise makes some citizens extra extremely opposed to gay marriage, they are exceeded by voters who become more encouraging of gay marriage, influenced by what they see on TV.

Obama citizens are twice as likely to enjoy Modern Family as Romney citizens are, twice as likely to see Joy, and also 3 times most likely to view The New Regular. Joy’s and also the gay-family show New Regular’s co-showrunner Ryan Murphy insists that New Regular isn’t one hundred percent pro-Obama (although he is). He prepares to provide equivalent time to the political viewpoints of the character played by Ellen Barkin, a racist, homophobic Republican grandmother and Glove Romney fan.

Modern Household Star Validates He’s Gay

Ewing, 27, who just recently opened up regarding his battle with body dysmorphia, confirmed he is gay in a Twitter exchange.

Ewing likewise recently created an essay for Huffington Blog post’s Healthy and balanced Living area in which he opened up regarding battling body dysmorphia and the various cosmetic surgery procedures he went through to get a certain appearance.

” Body dysmorphic condition is a mental disease in which an individual obsesses over the means he or she looks … In my situation my appearances were the only thing that mattered to me.

” I think people usually pick cosmetic surgery in order to be approved however it generally leaves the sensation a lot more like an outsider. We don’t hear adequate stories concerning plastic surgery from this perspective”.

His fans have applauded him for bravely opening about his sexuality in the tweet and also for aiding to spread recognition concerning mental disease.

‘ Modern Family‘ Celebrity Eric Stonestreet Reveals Exactly How Playing Gay Altered His Life

Eric Stonestreet may not have known any individual who was honestly gay during his adolescent years in Kansas, but his Emmy-winning “Modern Family” turn promptly transformed every one of that.

The 43-year-old star, that is directly, informed HuffPost Live in an interview today that he really feels “extra on the front lines of what it suggests to defend people’s equality” after playing Cameron Tucker on “Modern Family members,” which was just restored for a 7th period.

” I’m simply much more active in that community as well as I feel a bit extra responsible for individuals’s words as well as actions,” he said.

Stonestreet likewise opened up about some early issues he had over tackling the role, as well as stated that he felt specifically safety of his co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, that is openly gay, noting, “I was stressed from the beginning that I was mosting likely to be part of a gay bashing of kinds.”

In 2022, he joked that his character was a “bossy, fussy bottom,” including that numerous gay followers had approached him in hopes of “challenging” his sexuality.

ABC <strong>Family</strong> gets GLAAD’s best-ever grade for including gay and lesbian charactersModern Household ultimately aired a kiss in between leading gay couple Mitchell and Cameron. Enjoy as the entire episode included near-miss smooches.